buried under mortgage debt?

With any amount of mortgage arrears, get a quote for cash in your account in just 14 days

Times are getting harder

money is not going as far as it used to and keeping a job is more difficult than ever

With so many people losing their jobs and prices continuing to rise, it’s no surprise that you’re feeling the pinch on your wallet. The good news is that no matter how many mortgage arrears you have accumulated, you can still sell your house quickly. This is still true if you’re facing repossession. In your situation, speed is very important and we can go from offer accepted to completion in just 14 days. That is 14 days until you can live a more simple, debt free life. With 7 years of property experience, we have helped many people like you. Get a quote now to see how much cash you can get for your house.

Falling House Prices

Dropping House Prices

Constant Maintenance

Owning a House is High Risk

High Risk

Job Cuts

The Burden of Debt

Increasing Debt

Difficult to Move House When Being an Owner

Difficulty Moving

How it Works

step 1 - offer price

Check to see if your property qualifies for our service and receive an offer price within 24 hours

step 2 - personal visit

We'll visit your property or send out a professional surveyor to formalise our offer

step 3 - We'll handle the rest

All fees will be paid by us and we can instruct solicitors specialised in fast exchange of contracts and completion to suit you


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With us you can sell your house in as little as 14 days. The search will be over and you will finally enjoy the hard work that you’ve put in over the years by releasing the money in your house. Debt can take over your life and we’d like to help you take back control. That is important to having a healthier and happier future. With 7 years of experience we have helped many people in difficult situations move on. Contact us now to see how much cash you could have in 14 days to start fresh.



Why selecting us is your best Option ?

Days to completion

Once offer is accepted we will work around to clock with specialist solicitors to complete your sale

Better offers than competitors
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Our offers are the best in market so you can be sure of a great deal

Available for purchasing

Plenty of cash is available to you to sell your property quickly

Years of Experience

You need an experienced group to handle this important process for you

Secure Your Future With Our hassle free service

Start Today, Get a competitive offer so you can move on with the things that matter

You can sell houses of all condition to us. Often it can be expensive and time-consuming for you to refurbish or renovate a property. So even though a poor condition property will sell for less, it will also be cheaper to sell.

We sign up to the National Association of Property Buyers code of practise. This means that all of our costs and offers are clear from the beginning giving you full confidence in us and the process. We believe in creating a good reputation to spread our business through word of mouth. 

Our solicitors have specialised indemnity which allows us to complete prior to searches being fully carried out. That way, if any problems come up after completion then we are still covered. Some purchases can take longer and so we state up to 1 month to be safe as a schedule.

Every situation is different, but in general we want to improve the appearance of the home whilst keeping the beautiful authentic British character of the homes. After the refurbishment we will likely either rent or re-sell the property. We take great care of our houses so you can be assured it will be looked after.

Of course there are many property buying companies out there and you can risk selling to them. Unfortunately, not all of them sign up to the principles of fair trading as we do. With us you will have excellent communication and peace of mind throughout the sale at a competitive price that will not change. 



general questions

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Your Journey

We know that selling your house can be a difficult time which is why Cash House was started. Take the pain out of the process by using our free service made for you. Fill out our form now to obtain a no-obligation quote for your house moving you forward on your journey.