Companies That Buy Houses

Companies that buy houses guarantee you the fastest house sale. That means you no longer spend months on the retail market waiting for the right buyer.

How would it feel to have a sale agreed in the next 24 hours?

Companies that buy houses have gotten millions of people moving. We do this by buying at a discount.

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Every company is slightly different but the most common way is by buying at a discount. Usually this is between 75-85% of what the retail value of the house is. We also include all your legal costs so what you take home is crystal clear before you agree to sell.

Most people who use us do so because we can offer what the retail market cannot: speed and certainty. You will get an exact date and price of completion that is 100% guaranteed. People who cannot take a chance include those with a broken chain, probate, repossessions, divorce and moving abroad.

We’re so confident in our service that we want you to be as well. That’s why we also advise that you get quotes from our competitors before moving forward with us. We can therefore recommend trying We Buy Any Home, We Buy Any House, Spring and House Buy Fast.

There are many companies that buy houses, so why choose us?

Not all companies that buy houses are the same. In fact, there are huge differences in the customer service, company values, speed and experience. We are very open about how we operate so that there are no surprises from start to finish. As industry experts at The Advisory will tell you, many companies give you a high offer initially as a hook. Subsequently, as soon as it comes to the ‘handing over the money’ stage, the price will drop significantly. That is the last thing you need. As a rough guide, companies that buy houses will generally offer 80% of the retail market value. We couple this with a seamless experience for you by paying all your fees.

How Companies That Buy Houses Work

As a company that buys houses, we heard you when you told us that you want to know the details. 

That is why in this section we’ll guide you through everything you need to know when selling with us.

You’ll learn:

  • What to expect at each step
  • What other companies that buy houses are trustworthy

The main thing we can offer you is speed. To clarify, our process below has been built over years to guarantee you a house sale.

The House Buying Process

What Other Companies That Buy Houses Do You Recommend?

We are the only house buyer on the market that gives a 30-day promise. That is to say that if we can’t complete in 30 days then we will give you £1,000 cash. 

But we understand that this is your house. Therefore, you want to be certain that you’re getting the best deal

That’s why we recommend that you also get a quote with our competitors before moving ahead. That way you’ll be confident when you decide to move forward.

1) We Buy Any Home

Top of the list of companies that buy houses is We Buy Any Home.

Companies That Buy Houses:

It is owned and managed by property professionals with over 300 years combined experience. 

Furthermore, they were a founding member of the National Association of Property Buyers. A body which helps hold property buyers to a high standard to improve the experience for customers.

They have over 542 reviews, coming in with an average of 4.7 rating. 

With such a good reputation, it comes as no surprise that their website generates almost 50,000 unique monthly visits.

Estimated Traffic to


2) We Buy Any House

One of the most popular companies that buy houses is We Buy Any House

Companies That Buy Houses:

With over 188 customer reviews at a 4.7 score, they are a great choice to sell your house quickly. 

They have over 10 years of experience and have been growing consistently during this time. 

This is shown by the amount of people visiting their website every month.

Estimated Traffic to

Almost 20,000 people per month, quite impressive.

3) Spring (National Property Trade)

As National Property Trade, this firm has been established since 2004. 

Companies That Buy Houses: Spring (formerly known as National Property Trade)

They have won multiple Property Investor of the Year (2017-2018) awards and have recently rebranded to Spring.

They offer you a fast house purchase or an assisted sale. With the assisted sale they will pay you the difference if they can sell for more than your valuation. 

Under their new umbrella they also have a rating of 4.3 with 45 reviews.

They are also very popular with over 4,000 visits per month.

Companies that buy houses - traffic

In short, they are a strong contender for you to choose to sell with.

4) House Buy Fast

House Buy Fast has been in the market since 2008 and is run by Jonathan Rolande. 

He is a seasoned property investor and so it comes as no surprise that the company has been so successful.

Companies That Buy Houses:

On Feefo alone, the company has over 164 reviews with a rating of 4.6. 

Their website also generates over 4,000 monthly visits. 

Companies That Buy Houses:

Although mentioned in the number 4 spot, last is certainly not least with this experienced firm.

Whether you choose us or one of our recommended companies, we wish you the best of luck in selling quickly.

About the author

This article was written by Dr Sermed Mezher MbChB (Hons) MRes, experienced property investor, published author in Global Paediatric Health and The Journal of Medical Ethics, and medical doctor.

Sermed has a special interest in educating people on how to improve their situation. He believes that physical and financial health are intimately linked. 

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