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To Show the Best Cash House Buyers in the UK

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Demand for the best cash house buyers in the UK has grown in recent weeks as UK interest rates continue to rise. This is placing pressure on household budgets, and, together with the cost of living crisis, funds are extremely tight. There are numerous factors to consider when looking at the best cash house buyers UK with many of the larger companies prominent online and offline. It is easy to be swayed by these companies with large advertising budgets, but many other buyers offer high-quality services.

Factors to consider

The different factors to consider when choosing a cash house buyer in the UK

There are many factors to consider when looking for the best cash house buyers in the UK which include:-

  1. Average price discount
  2. Speed of settlement
  3. Variations on initial offer
  4. Additional fees
  5. Customer feedback
  6. Security of data
  7. Degree of personalisation

You will find that many of the larger cash house buyers UK have huge funding available and can therefore pick and choose their price points. However, as you move down to smaller cash buyers, there is a definite feeling of a more personal approach. We appreciate that time is often of the essence when looking for a cash buyer. That said, this does not necessarily mean that a one size fits all approach is the correct strategy.

Those looking for the best cash house buyers in the UK are likely on the verge or in financial trouble. Their situation must be taken into account; they are given all the necessary warnings, advice, and time to mull over potential offers. Even though this is a thriving sector, clients must receive reasonable/competitive offers.

Who are the Best Cash House Buyers UK?

Comparing relatively young and growing companies, such as CashHouse, to those that have been in the market for some time, can be difficult. However, knowing the pros and cons of individual companies and precisely what they offer is essential.

Property Solvers

While Property Solvers is seen as one of the more prominent cash house buyers UK, it is interesting to note that the company takes a different approach from most competitors. The company offers a range of additional services, including:-

  1. Cash sale, 7 to 28 days settlement, valuation up to 75% of market value
  2. Property auction, 2 to 3 weeks settlement, valuation up to 100% of market value
  3. Estate agency sale, 2 to 3 months settlement, valuation up to 100% of market value

Packed with information about all of the company’s services the website is a treasure chest of information. Some might argue that the company website takes a more scattergun rather than a focused approach. While obviously a prominent player in the cash market, those who need a cash sale need it yesterday. Opinion is split as to whether the company is spreading itself too thinly. Should there be more focus on the core service of cash purchases?

Summary: Impressive website, packed with information and three different services for those looking to sell their home. Should there be more focus on cash purchases?

Cash House (our organisation)

Cash House Trading Logo

Here at Cash House, we take a very personal approach to clients, ignoring the standard one size fits all approach some of our competitors use. While we continue to build up our information database, focusing specifically on matters associated with cash sellers, we don’t have the same size teams as the more prominent players. Consequently, we have nowhere near the same running costs, which we believe makes us different from the rest – agile and more competitive.

We have specifically taken a low-key approach, using our reputation, name and informative content to attract visitors. Our main selling points are as follows:-

  1. A clearly defined process so there are no misunderstandings
  2. Personal approach to valuations and negotiations
  3. A team on call dedicated to prompt settlement of transactions
  4. Funds available in as little as 30 days

Our website is clear and concise as we focus on a step-by-step approach to cash sales. An initial offer, a personal visit, and a formal offer followed by a fee-free legal process. We offer incredibly competitive rates, with our website continuing to gain natural traction and increased traffic numbers. Such is the level of service we provide that much of our business comes from referrals from previous customers.

It is also worth noting that while many websites will promote various property membership groups and money laundering/data protection services, we all abide by these legal protections. We are in the process of updating our website, which will have a greater focus on these elements in the future. However, it is essential to remember just because we don’t readily promote these as yet, in no way does this reduce your protections or the high level of service we provide.

Summary: Cash House may not be one of the enormous multi-million-pound players who can advertise in the mass media. However, our personal approach to property purchases has seen us grow in terms of volume and enquiriesan. We also register as one of the best cash house buyers UK. While all singing all dancing websites are undoubtedly easy on the eye, we prefer to focus on targeted, informative articles, providing light reading for customers looking at a cash sale.

The Advisory

When researching the best cash house buyers UK, we came across several lists highlighting significant industry players. Interestingly, while not actually a company which will purchase your house for cash, The Advisory fared very prominently. As the name suggests, this is more of an advice website, but there is a twist.

The company offers a range of services, such as:-

  1. Free guides covering house selling tactics, how to sell your house quickly, etc
  2. A PropCast which shows the hotspots of buyer demand for property in England and Wales
  3. In-depth advice on choosing the best cash house buyers UK
  4. Hand-picked companies and services

While it would be wrong to suggest that The Advisory website is anything but helpful, it is vital to be aware that the company receives referral payments from various parties. The group is adamant that this does not compromise the content or structure of the website, but it is something you should know.

Summary: Established in 2005 as an information website, the natural progression was towards referral fees for business leads. Whether or not this impacts the company’s independence is debatable, but there is still a lot of useful information. Not a physical buyer, the company still features as one of the best cash house buyers UK. This is based on content alone.

We Buy Any Home

Akin to companies with a similar name operating in other industries, We Buy Any Home is seen as a sector leader. Many will be surprised to learn that the company was only founded in 2014, but it has become a significant player in the marketplace. The website is easy and informative, the process is highlighted and there are numerous services available:-

  1. Sell house fast
  2. Sell flat fast
  3. Sell with tenants

Most UK cash house-buying operators tend to focus on owner-occupied or empty properties. However, in an exciting development, We Buy Any Home works closely with an array of landlords and investors selling tenanted properties. There is a suggestion that funds can be available within seven days, but we suspect that tenanted properties may take a little longer.

Interestingly, some online comments suggest that you should request confirmation that the price offered will stay the same during the final stages of the sales process. While this would seem a sensible move, we are unclear why there has been specific mention concerning We Buy Any Home.

Summary: Certainly one of the leaders in the sector, offering a broader range of services than most. While you may receive an offer within 24 hours, this may not be a final definitive offer.

The Property Buying Company

Undoubtedly, The Property Buying Company is one of the more prominent cash buyers in the UK, offering a clean and uncluttered website. Once you look at the website menus, you will see an array of services and information available. This site has a crisp and clear design which makes you feel in control and unrushed. Aside from the traditional news and about us page, there are options such as:-

  1. An array of guides with information on how to sell your house for cash
  2. A broad range of services, including flats, houses overseas and a valuation option
  3. A list of physical locations in which the company would appear to specialise

While we assume that most cash house buyers in the UK use the same strategy, The Property Buying Company will bring in outside investors if their initial offer is deemed unsatisfactory. This is a valuable option because individual investors will have limited if no overheads and, depending on their strategy and risk profile, may be able to provide an improved offer.

Summary: As well as investing more than £100 million of the company’s own money, they also work with outside investors if their initial offer is deemed too low. This is a fair and honest approach that will resonate well with customers.

We Buy Any House

While there are subtle differences, many people will be confused with the We Buy Any Home business. The We Buy Any House website is a hive of interesting information, reviews and frequently asked questions. The offer process seems relatively straightforward:-

  1. Fill out online form, offer in as little as 60 minutes
  2. Full managed service to ensure a hassle-free sale
  3. No fees or commission
  4. Purchase completed in as little as three days

There is no doubt that the company has a very impressive track record, having appeared in various media publications such as Hello, The Independent, Yahoo Finance and the Daily Express. That said, these are very ambitious “targets”, and we can only assume that there are often adjustments to the initial offer price.

One particular review site advises customers to request a formal letter from the company’s solicitor that the offer is firm and final. This would suggest there have been some issues in the past, but initial proposals are often adjusted once surveys have been carried out. That said, it is still one of the best cash house buyers UK.

Summary: While a relative newcomer to the cash house buyer sector, We Buy Any House has undoubtedly built a solid reputation. It is worth considering whether the company has lost its personal approach due to size.

Good Move

Like many new up-and-coming cash house buyers, the Good Move website is impressive and informative. Further down the front page, the more expansive the information. Then we have the array of options at the top. Customers looking to sell their house for cash will find the information very useful. They should take the time to read it.

There’s an interesting section which looks at the average sale time and fees for different options, such as:-

  1. Good Move
  2. Other house-buying companies
  3. Property auctions
  4. Estate agents

While the figures quoted are “average” timescales, it is essential to note that companies such as Cash House operate on a much tighter schedule. Consequently, the online comparison makes Good Move look attractive, but this is their website!

Interestingly, companies such as Good Move are quite rightly very prominent with their terms and conditions. This is not to suggest that other cash house buyers in the UK do not also abide by strict regulations and terms and conditions. These may not be available on the website, but they will undoubtedly be provided as and when any formal offer is made.

Summary: This is undoubtedly a very impressive website, providing cash offers and estate agency services. Those looking specifically for quick cash offers for their home may prefer to look at a company focused wholly in this area.

Trust and Personalisation are The Keys

The cycle of trust and importance of personalisation from cash house buyers in the UK

Our focus on personalisation and trust has been crucial since Cash House started. We firmly believe that delivering high-quality, competitive, fair services to our customers will encourage natural referrals. In the future, we will be editing and adjusting our website. Taking a more formal approach and publishing our terms and conditions, money laundering policy, etc. As we discussed above, all the regulatory and legal checks still go on behind the scenes. Don’t forget that we use professional third-party legal services to arrange and settle our transactions.

Summary, Best Cash House Buyers UK

When looking for the best cash house buyers UK it is vital to do your research into the quality of services available. We are open, upfront and transparent concerning what we offer and details about the sales process. However, while we continue to grow, with access to more capital, we are determined to maintain our competitive and flexible edge. Then there is personalisation, which is one of the primary keys to our success. For a quote, fill in our form now.

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